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Issabella Hindley-Cupper
Jun Park
Ruben Gijselhart
Dana ReginianoCollaboratorsAngella Choe, photography
Nick Tallent, animation

“Pentagram redesigns Re—inc for the Women’s World Cup”

Fast Company


The US women’s national soccer team will defend its title as world champions this summer at the FIFA Women‘s World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand. The tournament will also mark the first time the US Women’s National Team will play with equal pay to the US Men’s National Team. This watershed moment was a goal of rɘ―inc, the lifestyle brand co-founded by USWNT members Tobin Heath, Christen Press and Megan Rapinoe and former member Meghan Klingenberg.

Pentagram has continued its ongoing collaboration with rɘ―inc with its latest collection, Written in the Stars, inspired by the World Cup and the trailblazing members of the USWNT. The campaign celebrates athletes, artists and activists who are making a constellation of change, illuminating the path forward, and finding their destiny. (And when teams win the World Cup, they receive a badge with stars—can the four-time USWNT champions get another star?)

Inspired by the night sky, the branding reimagines the rɘ―inc logo as a constellation, playing off the hyphen in the mark with a network of lines that are used to build different graphics. These include a “2023” that links the brand’s guiding principles—activism, reinvention, defying expectations, and more—in an interconnected system that visualizes equity and unity, and a group of players, countries, fans and attendees globally coming together as one.

A new insignia mirrors the logo with the games’ location flipped upside down, a play on Down Under. The collection also features a variety of interpretations on the starry theme in collabs with independent designers and makers like Ryoko Rain, UN/DN, USSF, Bkr and Storied Hats.

The Pentagram team curated a special color palette for the line, giving each color a playful name that ties into women’s soccer, like “Mrs. Graham’s Green,” a tribute to Helen Graham Matthews, who founded one of the first female soccer teams in 1881; “Ranger Rose,” after Beverly Ranger, the Jamaican former footballer who helped grow the game in Germany; and “Allez Gold,” a play on the French yell for “go,” and the USWNT win at the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France, where the crowds also chanted “equal pay!”

Animation by Issabella

Animation by Issabella