Project team:

Eddie Opara
Jack Collins
Brankica Harvey
Issabella Hindley-Cupper
Ruben Gijselhart
Chauncey Zhang
Justin Zhang
Ruairi Walsh
Dana Reginiano


Rachel Kash, Brand Strategy
Rebecca Vandesande, Brand Strategy
Piotr Woronkowicz, Packaging Design
Joseph Toereki, Particle Renderings
Setu Choudhary, Particle Animation
Max Guther, Illustration
Goeun Choi, Packaging Renderings


To achieve a truly sustainable future, it is necessary to build circular systems in which products, materials, and the people who use them actively work together to form closed “loops” that recycle and regenerate. Gush is an advanced materials brand that offers breathable, air-purifying paint and other products that promote wellness and sustainability in the built environment. Beyond sprucing up homes, these help to safeguard the planet.

Pentagram has developed a brand identity framework for Gush that reinforces the company’s belief that small everyday actions by individuals can drive big, purposeful global change. The program encompasses brand strategy and messaging that invites consumers to meet the challenge of sustainability, and packaging for the paint that is innovative and eco-friendly.

The Singapore-based Gush teamed up with leading scientists and researchers to innovate a proven paint formulation that rids the air of pollutants like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)—gasses released from products like cleaning liquids, aerosols, furniture and electronics. The interior paints keep indoor air quality levels healthy by empowering walls and ceilings with air-purifying features. Most people are now spending almost all their time indoors, and the paint transforms the largest surface areas into passive air purifiers. (And unlike air purifiers, Gush paints remove these pollutants without any electrical costs, saving energy.) Gush is accredited by the US Green Building Council, and its products address several of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, including Good Health & Wellbeing, Responsible Consumption & Production, and Climate Action.


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